Otaviiow1210 Publish time 2016-9-6 06:36:04

Conquest Of Might Hard Zanpakuto

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Hi i tried a lot of times and changing my formation and i already done all the requirement but i don't win the rewards.i have some prints here and this is facebook servers.

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-9-6 06:50:27

Demon Ichigo Damage must be >30% (i think)
Main >50% of TOTAL hp

not sure you're strong enough to complete it yet
main only / skill #6 (or any low-damage skill) / Zabi may also help you more

Otaviiow1210 Publish time 2016-9-6 06:56:29

I already make it but the Demon Ichigo yesterday deals a lot of damage but today he was dealing 1~2 Damage.

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-9-6 07:01:23

atm your opponents have + 50% phys def
so you may have to wait for a better buff (or refresh manually)

sivern Publish time 2016-9-6 09:33:04

u cant complete it because of the enemy buffs, w8 after 2 hrs, then just use main, i only use main everyday i always finish this
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