wp_mepezynf@hotmail.com Publish time 2014-11-1 08:24:47

Payment Wall Bug Issue

Just bought 2,000 gold and been 15mins and still no gold i had the issues yesterday but it was only a 5min wait now its a 15min wait and still no gold

IGN: Seiryu
Server: US 67

Xcution12 Publish time 2014-11-1 08:29:57

evrythingissowrong said "for gods sake dont use payment wall or amopay use gate2shop"

wp_mepezynf@hotmail.com Publish time 2014-11-1 08:33:08

nvm came through as i posted the topic......

zanndoth Publish time 2014-11-2 06:48:24

Edited by zanndoth at 2014-11-3 17:35

I bought USD50 via PaymentWall and USD300 was deducted from my credit card. What is going on? And I did not receive any gold in game. Please cancel this transaction immediate. I send an email to support.

More than 36 hours later and I still have not received anything. And no reply despite sending 2 emails to support. Is this game shutting down? :@
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