uno909 Publish time 2014-7-13 02:17:04

7 day gift pack

why i dont get gegetsuburi picture book?:'(
only ichigo i get....:( Publish time 2014-7-13 09:01:19

dont worry u can claim obt =)) Publish time 2014-8-28 03:53:18

open you zanpakuto and read lvl per zanpakuto Publish time 2015-4-22 10:11:03

i havent gotten ichigo and i finished the 7th day?

Ragnos Publish time 2015-4-22 10:12:24 replied at 2015-4-22 09:11 static/image/common/back.gif
i havent gotten ichigo and i finished the 7th day?

It has become a common glitch on servers 110 and up. Do not expect to receive it until they fix the problem. Publish time 2015-4-22 10:17:05

im on server 1...?

Ragnos Publish time 2015-4-22 10:18:55 replied at 2015-4-22 09:17 static/image/common/back.gif
im on server 1...?

Really? Thats a new one! EU or US? Publish time 2015-4-22 10:45:01

US. but ya. i havent gotten any of the cover offers of teh 7 day gifts. im on day 7 and man is that trial tower still flipping me hte bird :/ Publish time 2015-4-22 11:35:53

did i need to top up befor ei could get them?

marchot Publish time 2015-4-24 06:21:11

Im already in 4 days why iddint use the 5 partners
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