Dyalsis Publish time 2015-1-14 06:30:46

I mean I was completely done the final confirmation where u close down the top up screen is where the code popped up. gogames got their money is what im saying...but I am not getting my gold

floozy Publish time 2015-1-19 06:55:23

its broken and no you cant top-up at all the window that would pop up after clicking payment wall goes to session times out instantly

Revey12 Publish time 2015-3-30 17:14:37

having the same problem I really want to play this but as soon as I click on paymaent wall or the other one says error its annoying

Revey12 Publish time 2015-3-30 20:09:39

can top up tired of getting this error pls help

Prototype1232 Publish time 2015-3-31 20:18:14

yep ima just gonna drop this game tired of trying to top up its very annoying usally I would say shut up and take my money but they don't want it
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