ShadowLife Publish time 2014-11-8 21:50:50

Missing Gold

Earlier today I attempted to Top Up through paymentwall (first tried gate2 but it just kept saying 'connection reset', and amopay is bad?), after it said payment processed I clicked close (only button available) and returned to the game. Waited about 10 minutes but still did not recieve my gold. 45 minutes later I decided to email support and 7 hours later I have yet to even get a reply let alone the gold I was supposed to have.

The only reason I recharged was to take advantage of all the events, if there is something wrong with the people/companies you use to process payments that is not my fault and if the payment is delayed on either yours or their end I should not miss out on any of the events I was going to take advantage of.

Payment info:

Transaction DateTransactionPending Amount
11/08/2014 01:42 PM                                PAYMENTWALL 4153497560   
    Reference: 084312673279864
    360100 POSPreAuth:Checking:NoAccount            $30.00

Account info:
US S78

Hopefully THIS will get me some answers. Publish time 2014-11-10 15:26:25

US S51 I just spent 10 usd and got no gold 2 time in a row can someone look into this for me?

ShadowLife Publish time 2014-11-15 20:52:19

It has been a week, the only response I recieved from support was asking me my email address (which was the email address they sent the question to) a couple days ago. No replies here, no gold in game, and no indication of GM desire to address the issue.
Quite frankly rather pissed off now.
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