EsD3ath Publish time 2014-11-9 09:32:53

paymentwall problem

hi admins i have recently encounter that the payment wall is taking much more money than they should be have a look at the screenshot that i have.
i have check all my transaction that week it is only paymentwall and an atm withdrawal  i dont want to make a big fuss about this but u need to get this check the amout of deduction doesnt make sense at all.i should have at least 23 euros left and i dont need to get an overdraft or something

US Server 72 EsDeath

EsD3ath Publish time 2014-11-9 09:36:15

here is the screenshot to explain everything

Xcution12 Publish time 2014-11-9 09:48:08

FFS doesnt any1 LISTEN evrythingissowrong said dont use payment wall or amopay use gate2shop

EsD3ath Publish time 2014-11-9 09:51:59

thanks for the info. then on the other hand they should take out paymentwall and amopay if theyre issues with it. and i cant get my money back which i dunno where it was gone and i will get 20 euros overdraft. so they will actually take 40 euros on my account for free. :@:@:@:@:@:@

zanndoth Publish time 2014-11-9 10:44:54

Email to directly. You can get them to cancel the transaction.
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