everythingswrong@live.com Publish time 2014-8-4 21:31:29

azrial replied at 2014-8-4 07:21 static/image/common/back.gif
I didn't pay attention for the exact level to get every zanpakutos...

Since achievement is locke ...
Is Zabimaru better than Kazeshini when it does unlock?

azrial Publish time 2014-8-4 23:30:17

ninjaforte1@yahoo.com replied at 2014-8-4 20:29 static/image/common/back.gif
Ok so do you happen to know the reiatsu level required to level Kazeshini after banki?

lv40 reiatsu.

Different usage.
Zabimaru for pve events, Kazeshini for pvp.

zt1243841686 Publish time 2014-8-5 08:17:35


amardeep.mkt@gmail.com Publish time 2014-8-5 21:17:05

can zanpakuto at be bought wid coupons at alliance war shop?

azrial Publish time 2014-8-6 00:18:43

amardeep.mkt@gmail.com replied at 2014-8-5 20:17 static/image/common/back.gif
can zanpakuto at be bought wid coupons at alliance war shop?

I dont think so... but you can try...

bjikuy Publish time 2014-8-6 01:24:36

whats should be the bonus attributes of yasutora sado and ichigo if im going to refine it? for sado should i choose str and stamina? or str and block? or stamina and block?
and how about for ichigo?

everythingswrong@live.com Publish time 2014-8-6 01:31:10

When I used sado, I used stam/block. Had like 80% block on him before replacing with Sajin.

Ichigo I do Str/Agil.

skljal Publish time 2014-8-6 01:44:53


skljal Publish time 2014-8-6 01:45:30


swordoffate Publish time 2014-8-6 03:24:32

what is better? dreadnought armors or jibakurei armors?
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