chaoschief Publish time 2017-1-3 21:13:35

My Legend Gallery is GLITCHED!

I topped up 12000 gold but it doesn't show that i have. Please fix this!

chaoschief Publish time 2017-1-3 21:14:09

Picture below

rythen Publish time 2017-1-3 21:15:51

blade gallery is gold spend, check your hero gallery this should show your topped up gold

chaoschief Publish time 2017-1-3 21:16:56

Oh dam, that was fast lol

chaoschief Publish time 2017-1-3 21:18:37

Edited by chaoschief at 2017-1-3 21:19

Nope still glitched... >_<i should have 12k gold, but it shows 0 Publish time 2017-1-4 04:13:21

Nice name mate, still glitched?

~TensaZangetsu~ Publish time 2017-1-4 04:39:26

chaoschief replied at 2017-1-4 05:18 static/image/common/back.gif
Nope still glitched... >_

Welp, I'm sorry about it, Gogames is used to this though ;P

chaoschief Publish time 2017-1-4 15:48:15 replied at 2017-1-4 04:13 static/image/common/back.gif
Nice name mate, still glitched?

yup still glitched... T_T Publish time 2017-1-4 17:20:09

chaoschief replied at 2017-1-4 21:48 static/image/common/back.gif
yup still glitched... T_T

Contacting support would be the best thing to do, make sure you explain it correctly and politely, provide evidence, and that you follow rules of communication (Mail subject, mail form, greetings etc.)
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