mayuri1177 Publish time 2017-1-5 15:04:08

Mayuri's Poison Mod is bugged

Mayuri's 7th mod is still bugged.  Here is the description:  "When being attacked, have 100% chance to poison the target enemy for 2 rounds, rate is 50%".

The first problem with the mod is that when the enemy is poisoned, it is only for 1 round instead of 2 rounds.  The biggest problem, is that the poison does not work each time he is hit.  I found out last night that the mod also does not work when he blocks the enemy.  In this Void Region BR, the only time the poison mod works is the few times he does not block the enemy.

mayuri1177 Publish time 2017-2-5 03:09:17

Please fix this bugged mod.  Anyone that hits Mayuri should be poisoned for 2 rounds like the mod says.
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