ryuk23 Publish time 2017-1-9 07:40:49


I just get on to do the first CSB and it did go to it kl 12:00 server time but it whos a black screen so i relog but then did it only go in to it as it will do when it whos over so really what is going on i like to know ????
and yes i did reg for it yestoday
im from EU server 444

Ururu_chan Publish time 2017-1-11 06:22:38

is it solved now?
for info, registration is often not working for first days. when it happens, you just have to deal with it and try to register for next day (known issue since the first CSB season)

ryuk23 Publish time 2017-1-13 10:49:28

Edited by ryuk23 at 2017-1-13 10:50

no but i fund out why we a only 8 ppl there is from lv 72 to do the CSB
and it whos the 2nd day i post the problem and i do know about the first day it is like that on all the games i have play on
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