keithwaine Publish time 2017-1-21 07:11:49

Too long to load main screen

when i enter to my server it takes to load main screen after login game server or login game reaches 40-60seconds unlike before 3-10seconds
server eu416

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-1-22 05:44:32

lol same prob here i had that for a month, now gives black window at me :lol clean cash, updates flash and use a speed hardware this help but no resolve the prob, could to get 30sec o less the real prob is in initialization server when load the game and need to does the connection at db

keithwaine Publish time 2017-1-23 18:42:19

haha thats why i think its from the server coz i've done what you've done

keithwaine Publish time 2017-1-24 08:15:24

thank you sir for noticing my thread its now fine

ohmyvenus Publish time 2017-1-25 10:02:01

well they mess the game again, delay ingame stupid loading battle need 15min+... internet fast no RTO

that's it i stop topup idiot management never change since 2014, f2p mode ON idiot GG dont know how to fix server.

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-1-25 12:01:29

gogames is only cheating, them hope we pay for class 4 vip :lol no hope i don't pay for cheat
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