Publish time 2017-1-26 01:22:06

About website problem

I have this problem after I have the latest version of chrome installed. The page shows 'not secure' after the update. Can I know how to fix this?

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-1-26 03:21:46

uhm malware or spyware, use adblock. i think you need to scan with spyhunter vs cookies malware

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-1-26 03:25:38

secure gives me

Ragnos Publish time 2017-1-26 09:36:55

Since when does GoGreed spell anything correctly? XD Publish time 2017-1-26 21:01:24

I  use  Google Chrome, it's worked fine till like January tenth.  Then i open my back pack i see the light blue flames dance a little for the objects then freeze,   sometimes i can click and it ill show the options but othertimes it just freezes,     I try on internet Explorer, I can open bag but i can't do Hueco Mundo battles and accessory battles. without getting a White screen with a ( ! ) in the center of it and have to refresh the page.   My windows is up to date,  My google Chrome is up to date, My Internet Explorer is up to date..   I'm starting to get annoyed with having to refresh every time.  
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