Patorikku Publish time 2014-12-3 09:49:10

My character can't be found

pls i have a character that's in level 61 and i have payd 10usd for it. I can't find the character in the game or any of the servers and I saw that when i loged in one day it have no server history about wich server I've been in last time. The name of the character is YukimuraShun and is a shinigami boy

CryLight Publish time 2014-12-4 05:52:38

I dont have any issues with my acc even though i had the no account history thing....just  recheck ur history for which server u were in

Patorikku Publish time 2014-12-4 09:40:34

I checked all the server and found it, I'm so stupid. But thx anyway for the help.
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