rennerrocha Publish time 2017-2-18 20:44:46

Mysterious Puzzle bug? HELP!

Hi, I have a question about the Mysteirous Puzzle Event.
If I recharge 3200 gold (80 dolars), I will receive the reward of 3000 points?
I received 800 points and I recharge 3200 gold. Help please! Publish time 2017-2-18 20:50:40

The puzzle piece purchases are cumulative

rythen Publish time 2017-2-19 07:32:00

you spend 2400 points on puzzle pieces, each puzzle costs points

absolboy101 Publish time 2017-2-23 05:14:02

Edited by absolboy101 at 2017-2-23 06:15

yeah XD. you dun goofed up. don't worry i made the exact same mistake too :D. you have to top up 8600 if you want to get the full puzzle though you will not be left with points for shop
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