darrtallion76@aol.com Publish time 2014-12-5 22:39:09

Gold and Coupons Taken

I had 200 gold and 100 coupons taken recent while I was in the alliance battle.  The alliance battle froze and when I restarted the page The Gold and coupons were missing.
There were no auto battles selected at this time and I had not purchased any items.  I noticed it was missing because my Visored Legion had sent mail and that is when I noticed the gold missing.  

The browser is Chrome up to date.  Java and Flash are up to date.  Server is US/19 Character is Satyna Devia.

I would like to have the problem fixed and the funds restored.  I will not purchase any more gold in the game until I feel confident that it will not disapear from the game.  I work hard and would like to use the gold I buy for the items I want and not have it disapear.
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