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Hello I'm Misaki Shuya on EU33
I use around 6500 vit on Ubp but now I got 0 crystal
And I don't get my Vita back?

So Gogames can you give my cristal or my vita back before UBP finish

Salut, je suis Misaki Shuya sur le serveur EU33
J'ai utilisé environ 6500 vita' dans l'event UBP et maintenant je n'ai aucun crystal
Et de plus on ne m'a pas rendu mes vita' utilisé en retour...
Si un admin peut corriger cela avant la fin de l'event
Merci d'avance

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-4-6 21:37:41

me 8k  i want hisagi no vit in back Publish time 2017-4-7 00:09:19

Dans ce post:
C'est écrit quand refaisant 1 instance on récupère ses cristaux, mais ça fonctionne pas :/

Ururu_chan Publish time 2017-4-7 05:23:38 replied at 2017-4-7 00:09 static/image/common/back.gif
Dans ce post:
C'est écrit quand refaisant 1 instance  ...

was an old post from 2014
let's call this business :
In the beginning you have to keep your customers satisfied, in order to keep them and attract new ones, so Customers Service has to be OP (or at least visible), and give those customers some good services.
Once you have enough customers, with high daily incomes, the Financial Manager takes the control of the whole the Company (money needs to be managed).
Once the Financial Manager takes the control, after few months/years the Customers' Service" is going low (to increase more profits) and sometimes - we do have an example here - it even disappear.
Once the customers service disappear, customers start complaining and then are leaving little by little.
From there as soon as profits is bellow a certain rate, business will close.

sadly this is business, and they may consider that if we are not happy, we still can leave.

rythen Publish time 2017-4-7 06:13:12

email support about this isssue. they should compensate you

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-4-7 08:45:09

60 min attack on ubp nothing :/  next 60 min i give update. i hope work :@

okanavans Publish time 2017-4-7 10:56:45

already send but no answer or mail:( Publish time 2017-4-7 14:29:18

I send email too, just wait now

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-4-8 02:00:24

i done 7.5k crystall and null is in back

venki9090 Publish time 2017-4-8 21:12:56

No rewards from ubp i got hesagi wtf spent 11k:@:@:@+ vite
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