Sublima Publish time 2017-4-12 12:48:29

Random 404 error

Edited by Sublima at 2017-4-12 18:49

Ever since that little maintenance debacle last week I've been getting random 404 errors (ofcourse usually during events..)
I know a few guildies experiencing the same thing so is anyone else experiencing this or is it just my server/guild?

frtommy3 Publish time 2017-4-12 15:03:06

a lot of time happening to me too.

ohmyvenus Publish time 2017-4-13 00:51:00

yeah just got it today 404 (Not Found)

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2017-4-13 00:53:05

me black screeen, the server doesn't go in loading :@

frtommy3 Publish time 2017-4-16 13:50:50

again this evening, ofc in the last minutes of Ryoka.
Ofc, i lost the third place XD
Funny thing, on my server i am the only one who got it.
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