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Tot and dodge

Tournament of Throne most know been bugged since the time change.  Doesn't update who players are till after the match.  Which makes placing bets hard at times.  And dodge some say oh it is working... not for Ryoka.  Oh you can't dodge in that... you can for years.  Just was hard to get dodge that high with other skills.  Ever since that mutilate bug .. what was it late last year.  They fixed that bug but broke dodge for that event.   When the loading screen for the battle starts loads up to 90% and stops maybe just maybe it might reach 95% then drop back down to 90% and freezes.  Oh how do you know it's the dodge... tried alot of things but mix koga-s -100 hit rating + 90% dodge stones + evo and you can dodge most ryoka attacks maybe 98% of the time if not more.  Add in dodge % for the mod change and should be maxed.  Since people still top up on this game, don't act like it is dead.  Try to fix some of the bugs.  Maybe dodge is begin reworked again or working on new stuff.  Whatever the case maybe just give a little heads up.

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- ToT : outside the "refresh" issue, which is the same since implementation, didn't experienced that "mixed-up names" mentioned 1 or 2 times in the forums.
outside wasted tournaments (2 weeks ago with server problems + this week), didn't notice anything new => could it be happening on few servers only???

- Dodge : Block is mostly used over Dodge, especially for RA and ES.
If the hit rate of Mobs has been increased, not a lot may have noticed.
email to "support" which could forward to the devs?
(the mutilate bug was reported everywhere over the forums, and probably by email as well, so they fixed it very quickly)

- loading issues : well... the game gets heavier every time they add something in (partners, event, server(?)...) and so it requires more and more resources. RIP users of an old laptop...
since there is no option to adjust graphic details, changing browser is the only way to change (a little) loading time (without changing computer I mean).
for my configuration, IE is twice faster than Firefox and even more compared to other browsers / IE > Firefox > Opera > Chrome (this big s***t can totally ruin your game experience)

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I have seen players be defeated .. but are the ones to continue on the next round ... sick of loosing bets that were RIGHT !!!
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