duard_cable@hotmail.com Publish time 2017-4-22 01:07:06

unable to load server

Umm, i can't load US287 but i'm able to load other servers,i've cleared my cash muiliple times tried other computers but it stops loading at 97%

fp1iusdupmbfxl Publish time 2017-4-22 02:05:18

same here us503 stop load at 97%

GiroDenis Publish time 2017-4-22 02:10:29

Adult Toshiro literally killed the game.

GamingUnleashed Publish time 2017-5-1 03:16:14


no go as well

absolboy101 Publish time 2017-5-1 03:49:25

same here on S401 US

blueport2 Publish time 2017-5-1 04:46:06

got same problem,Can't get in S45 US

MysterySwordsman Publish time 2017-5-1 05:00:19

Same problem

Anqrymen Publish time 2017-5-1 05:07:55

its same in us 182

@ra5h_V Publish time 2017-5-1 05:21:05

SAD BUT TRUE                                                                          
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