Publish time 2017-4-28 20:51:43

Koga bug after 8+ month's

Come on plz look into the dodge, loading screen for ryoka freeze bug.  The loading stops at 90% when loading for the fights, only when your able to dodge ryoka with koga's -100 hit rate mod.  When the mutilate bug was fix long time ago.  Left in it's place a bug for dodge/loading. Been over 8+ months no fix's or anything.

ohmyvenus Publish time 2017-4-28 23:58:59

its not bug, im not using koga loading also stuck 90%(often).. script game problem Publish time 2017-4-29 08:47:40

when i took off the - 100 hit rating mod don't freeze/load(90%), but 8+ months with nothing being looked into.  Come on they can keep bring up servers.... but can't fix stuff.  If it takes time to fix shouldn't be more than a month or 2 if that.  Took what 2-5 days to fix the mutilate problem.
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