_Nhia_ Publish time 2017-5-2 23:23:19

cross server loading issues

since the 97% loading issue/maintenance i havent been able to reset or battle in heuco mundo attack, haven't been able get into seireitei group purchase or the labor glory event. it just comes up with 'event server busy' and doesn't load anything so i have to reload browser to be able to click any non icons again. and almost as bad is all home functions aren't resetting daily so no konso, no party (loss of 48 vit daily), no 2mil silver in scrolls and luck cat. and no reset for jigokucho aswell :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
eu s465 is server in question..
however since its a cross server issue i went to s445 and same problem. they could have forgot to reopen cross server functions for our grouping? went to a 300s server and it was completely fine events wise.

sucks so be in this server group right about now  haha

torment30 Publish time 2017-5-4 19:08:17

same with eu 436

HAJFAJV Publish time 2017-5-5 05:08:26

same on eu484

_Nhia_ Publish time 2017-5-5 14:16:46

hopefully fixed now. mailed support yesterday and had to screenshot all problems but logged in before. can do heuco mundo and girlfriend functions and get into labor glory again :D

HAJFAJV Publish time 2017-5-6 06:10:26

m2 and CSB seems to be working!!!! Oo
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