HAJFAJV Publish time 2017-5-4 06:29:55

Anniversary Feast

Anniversary Feast -> Shelves (you can pay x amount to have the item show in next game) -> I pay 400 gold -> click open all 144 gold -> I don´t ever get the 400 gold item.

It´s just a stupid level 40 wind set, come on..... still 400 gold :(

rythen Publish time 2017-5-4 06:34:41

after you comfirm the shelves they are shown up in the next round  so you refresh all shelves and open all or you open all 2 times

HAJFAJV Publish time 2017-5-4 06:35:52

Nevermind Apparently you have to refresh the game before you things get applied... another 10 gold...
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