ZexPro Publish time 2017-5-5 02:50:08

CSB Reset bug

Hi there im from eu s43 server and our csb is stuck in same season for 2 csbs and it didnt reset at all after that huge maintenance that lasted 3 days and we didnt even get our season rewards last 2 times and even now 5.5.2017 when season again ended i hope support will see this and send us our rewards :'(

65293612 Publish time 2017-5-6 09:57:23

Same here didn't get last 2 moths season rewards they have to do something. !:'(

ZexPro Publish time 2017-5-6 10:53:09

i lost like 600 stones cause points didnt reset and i ended up 2 months in 12th place plus no end season rewards

ZexPro Publish time 2017-5-6 10:54:24

and it seems like even this season will not reset and we will stay at same points even if register like 4 days later
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