firemaster33 Publish time 2017-5-9 14:35:49

who wants Bankai Yama in ubp ?

:)i am a free player and i love yamamoto hes one of my favorite caracter in bleach i think its awsome:P.Its my belive that we f2p should get a chance on an orange partner for using all that saved vitality,saving vitality its a hard thing u can compare it with working hard in a factory ,basically vitality its like money so we should get orange partners for it.Saving vitality its really hard thing for vip 0,i mean we skip all the nice vitality events like seiretei attack only to use 10k or 12 k for a partner and zanpakto,i mean its silly, so i think we should be rewarded with awsome stuff too like orange partners:)

Cerisaia Publish time 2017-5-12 14:40:59

The only thing hard about saving vitality is resisting the temptation to spend it. Also, don't expect any orange partners in UBP this year, or even next year

Ururu_chan Publish time 2017-5-19 04:22:49

yep, all orange partners and premium zanpakutos should be for free so we don't need to top-up anymore :):):)

Xallog Publish time 2017-5-19 05:19:48

B.Yama would be in UBP in maybe 5 years time. I'm a yama fanboy too but I have to make do with regular yama, which is free.

eblazer Publish time 2017-5-19 05:32:53

Too soon to get orange partners for free.

Tinoma Publish time 2017-5-19 09:48:29

This nigga must be tripping :)

@ra5h_V Publish time 2017-5-20 00:22:09

any f2p have a chance to get orange partner: muken
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