ahmedarb7 Publish time 2017-6-5 15:47:21

tournament of throne

when i submit to tournament of throne, i don't participate
i submit at (121-159)lv group at frist 30 min on saturday (from 00:00 to 00:30)
any idea why that happen ??!!!!!

Zeeker Publish time 2017-6-5 16:08:44

Is your power in the top 8? Are you reincarnated?

ahmedarb7 Publish time 2017-6-5 17:51:37

there is only 4 player participating

ahmedarb7 Publish time 2017-6-5 17:53:45

and yes i did
main and 3 more partner did reincarnation

ziutis86 Publish time 2017-6-5 18:00:01

that's why you can't participate in this group. Only without reincarnation can participate there.

ahmedarb7 Publish time 2017-6-5 18:20:41

you mean i must have main and 4 partner having reincarnation

rythen Publish time 2017-6-5 18:22:40

ahmedarb7 replied at 2017-6-6 00:20 static/image/common/back.gif
you mean i must have main and 4 partner having reincarnation

you can only participate in Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced if you dont have your main character reincarnated, otherwise it will queue you in Master Reincarnation

Zeeker Publish time 2017-6-5 18:49:24

What Rythen said.

ahmedarb7 Publish time 2017-6-5 18:52:37

oh i got it

-GANGSTER- Publish time 2017-6-23 20:06:42

Thrones tournament prize was not sent. 150 exclusive fragment, 80 Lv10 silver card, 35 red hogyouku fragmente chest, 80 reincarnation stone.

Server: EU413
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