bankaiphoenix Publish time 2017-6-10 05:17:58

red reishi

whats red reishi for? Seems like i cant buy anyone with it

ziutis86 Publish time 2017-6-10 05:54:50

With red reishi you upgrade tavern partners. for first upgrade you need 200 gold reishi and it will add 50% grow rates for that partner. For 2nd upgrade you need more 500 red reishi and after that you partner's will be increased more 50% (overall you your grow rates will be doubled) and this partner's quality will be increased. For example if you advance gold partner, that partner will red.

Ururu_chan Publish time 2017-6-12 04:48:12

note that if you get some "Red Reishi" in your backpack is just a bug from previous Karakura event (several posts about it); these are of no use (atm)

BrandonLube Publish time 2018-1-23 01:24:59

If I advance my character to red will the exclusive skill unlock at 70 instead of example the default lvl30?

djomla27 Publish time 2018-1-23 09:58:30

BrandonLube replied at 2018-1-23 01:24 static/image/common/back.gif
If I advance my character to red will the exclusive skill unlock at 70 instead of example the defaul ...

no,everything but growth rates and partner quality remains the same....

iceon32 Publish time 2018-1-25 02:47:23

Red Reishi is really important once you hit lvl 80 .
150 gold reishi gives you 5-14 red reishi which is insane , if you have a chance to grab the red reishi chests from the Witch House event then take them .
You will need it to upgrade your tavern partners .
With 200 Red Reishi you can give your partner's attributes 50% growth , for example someone with strength growth of 3 gets to 4.5 after first red reishi upgrade and with the second one that costs 500 red reishi it doubles , which means goes from 3 to 6 . Not only strength red reishi advance increases all of the partners stats and the second advance also increases the partner quality which means a purple partner becomes yellow and a gold partner becomes red if you advance it with gold reishi

EdmondGzv Publish time 2018-8-11 17:29:40

Just from tavern? I have gold Shinso Gin and I have 960 red reishi but I don't have lvl 80..
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