pokemonroblux44@gmail.com Publish time 2017-6-16 17:39:01

Shinigami Tittle

Hey Guys anybody know why i didnt get my Shinigami agent tittle i renewed my shinigami agent 3 times and didnt get my title

mayuri1177 Publish time 2017-6-16 23:56:57

It should show as an item in you inventory, it is called Shinigami Agent.
Item looks like this


pokemonroblux44@gmail.com Publish time 2017-6-17 06:17:52

Yea i didnt get it in bag either XD

Ururu_chan Publish time 2017-6-22 03:08:25

maybe it looks stupid, but has been seen few times
did you collect the reward?

pokemonroblux44@gmail.com Publish time 2017-6-22 05:56:36

ea i collected it xd just not in my bag lol

Ururu_chan Publish time 2017-6-22 13:08:56

mmm... then no clue :L
you well have/had free spot in your backpack when claiming reward?
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