pokemonroblux44@gmail.com Publish time 2017-6-21 09:10:43

Watch please to show Go. Games there triping

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYNk7WI1IRg Can everybody please watch Go games are trying to tell me i never renewed my shinigami agent when i did it 5 times because if them This is just proof for them

jimmycricketwin5298 Publish time 2017-6-21 14:10:54

I mean the title isn't really that good so wasting your gold for that is on you. Yea go games is buggy and messes up, but if your a Vet, this is common and it is usually small details anyways. If you're new however, you should probably spend more time on the game f2p before you spend any of your hard-earned money. Maybe you have a right to use your money however you want, but if you get fucked over, it is your fault for not doing the research on what you are buying. Not tryna flame you or anything, just tryna help you get over this problem.

pokemonroblux44@gmail.com Publish time 2017-6-21 14:23:05

im not bothered by it its just they told me i was lieing that i didnt spend it thats what pissed me off xd
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