MarionPaul Publish time 2014-7-30 05:22:34

White Enchant Stone

What's the use of White Enchant Stone?

deryth Publish time 2014-7-30 07:35:37

Regarding Weapon Enchantments

MarionPaul Publish time 2014-8-1 16:04:32

deryth replied at 2014-7-30 06:35 static/image/common/back.gif
Regarding Weapon Enchantments ...

Tnx I've already read it though :D

deryth Publish time 2014-8-1 20:14:29

MarionPaul replied at 2014-8-2 07:04 static/image/common/back.gif
Tnx I've already read it though

Haha, no problem then. That's pretty much the basics of it though. And Azrial updated it with the different levels of stones with its abilities.

Lord_Ulquirroa Publish time 2015-3-4 05:47:24

How do I get the stones ?

Md_0811 Publish time 2016-5-25 11:51:26

Is there a level reqiurement in doing enchantment??

ShadowConsortium Publish time 2016-5-25 13:15:27

Md_0811 replied at 2016-5-25 11:51 static/image/common/back.gif
Is there a level reqiurement in doing enchantment??
Level 50 at least. Can get enchantment stones from Konso, Soul hunt Exchange and events, white,green,blue,purple,golden - red unreleased still.

Md_0811 Publish time 2016-5-25 20:58:39

Ok thanks
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