kinikas100 Publish time 2017-7-8 08:55:57

Can't open modify after new event rotation

After new rotation  (Today) i can't open modify anymore, when i press it everything become little bit gray and i can't do anything on the screen then, it was the same when we couldn't open Hueco mundo when our brand new server started.

My server us Eu:484
Name: Lisssssa

oFractureD Publish time 2017-7-8 08:59:34

Im getting the same over on S495

Tried clearing cache/cookies, glad it isnt just me then.

artur1500 Publish time 2017-7-12 21:47:44

Me to on server S22 EU

bjkraken Publish time 2017-7-12 22:13:32

Same on US S506
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