MadarameIkkaku1 Publish time 2017-7-26 09:32:44

Lost Account

Hello, I played this game long ago, like 2 years and a half, with a different account, I know the email I used, but I don't remember Username, so, I can't use Forgot Password system, can anybody help me with that?
I searched on email and I don't have any registration mail, but when I register with that email, it tells me is already used.
Thank you!

trakiner Publish time 2017-7-26 10:29:03

Forget it! IF they haven't deleted your old account, it'll be USELESS by now! Start a new one in the newest server uptodate! Publish time 2017-7-26 13:50:29

Just tell the support about the email that you use to bind with the account that you played.

MasterOfBonkai Publish time 2017-7-26 14:25:17

What was ur char name Publish time 2017-9-27 18:23:10

can I sync my fb data with the game site cause I cant remember it to log in and its frustrating
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