Publish time 2017-8-7 00:32:37

Go.Games step up your game and correct this sH*t

look at this sh*t haha i toom the plunge for you guys.

grimmjowpantera Publish time 2017-8-7 00:34:15

oh~? is that a ryuken i see in there my good mate~? Publish time 2017-8-7 00:39:14

lol yep. sadly yes ;P ;P ;P

ulumax0099 Publish time 2017-8-7 01:38:00

Edited by ulumax0099 at 2017-8-7 07:48

Ryuken it's very very good partners better than Hikifune :) :) (hihihi)

A joke

ryuk23 Publish time 2017-8-7 02:51:15

it is a bad joke to see that the ppl from gogames still cant do there job as the shall and it is a joke to see the cant fcking fix it why play a game where there is so many bugs and ppl there cant/learn how to fix them ??

alicantibet Publish time 2017-8-7 04:59:26

Try tell support Publish time 2017-8-7 05:11:15

alicantibet replied at 2017-8-7 04:59 static/image/common/back.gif

Try tell support

lol thanks mate. ;P

AssassinwithRPG Publish time 2017-8-7 11:58:25

>Everyone Complains About No UBP
>GG Announces Hiki
>Everyone Complains They Got Trolled With The Ryuken God For The 10th Time.

Shadow49999 Publish time 2017-8-7 16:44:41

get trolled
jk I got "hikifune" too

trakiner Publish time 2017-8-7 16:47:57

There's nothing wrong with it! You all know GoGames policy very well and if you are still dumb enough to stack vitality for UBP after so many screw-ups, you deserve to be punk'd by the game. Nothing else!
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