wiitation Publish time 2017-8-20 00:54:48

Bug when fighting ppl

i play in the server EU 511, when i fight with a guy in the catch slaves, he has nearly 100k hp, 120k defense, and so on with the rest of stats, same goes when fighting another guy in the seireitei soul palace, from having 40k hp in arena to have 115k hp and 200k atk/def etc, pls fix it, fighting ppl that is weaker than you with overpowered mcs isnt funny

jimmycricketwin5298 Publish time 2017-8-20 02:48:33

Should I tell him...? or...

SolKnight Publish time 2017-8-20 05:50:35


Hopefully this helps

Xallog Publish time 2017-8-20 18:14:44

It's understandable since you're new, but in arena and soul palace, stats are increased.

wiitation Publish time 2017-8-23 20:01:04

Edited by wiitation at 2017-8-23 20:05

stats are increased.. yeah, im not retarded, but having JUST A SINGLE CHAR with 3 times his normal stats? hello?

EDIT: hp massively increased, his vanguard has 90k hp, his main char 116k, LOL no.

EDIT2: he has 48k hp in arena, when fighting him on slave he has 116k.. hell no.

wiitation Publish time 2017-8-23 20:08:33

Xallog replied at 2017-8-20 18:14 static/image/common/back.gif
It's understandable since you're new, but in arena and soul palace, stats are increased.

also, im new in the forum, i had been playing this game for 2 years, and i know what is a bug and what is not, dont treat me like a retard

wiitation Publish time 2017-8-23 20:16:25

http://prntscr.com/gcb9tf http://prntscr.com/gcba2g do u want more evidences?

Xallog Publish time 2017-8-23 20:33:43

what's his reiatsu level?

wiitation Publish time 2017-8-24 14:06:44

22, mine 28

ibeengettinmoney Publish time 2017-8-24 17:22:15

wiitation replied at 2017-8-24 14:06 static/image/common/back.gif
22, mine 28

2 years of playing with reiatsu lvl 28 ?  total legitness
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