Flowz666 Publish time 2017-8-30 06:12:39

Lost gold and coupons

This morning got on bleach to find i have 6 gold and 0 coupons. Yesterday i had 500 gold and about 200 coupons. No one else has my account as far as i know and no one else who lives with me knows the password to my laptop or even knows about the game. I'm pretty sure i've lost more than this but i don't know exactly how much. Please help me get them back.

thomaslon Publish time 2017-8-30 10:28:08

Your only option here is mailing support support@gogames.me ..but without a proof they will do nothing..cuz everyone can say that they lost some gold and coupons..

rambo1998123 Publish time 2017-9-2 05:50:57

Did you have auto join on for any daily events?

Flowz666 Publish time 2017-9-3 15:25:55

Nope even if i did it wouldn't be 500 gold
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