hollowichigo6969 Publish time 2017-9-13 01:01:29

Why cant i modify?

Why cant i modify yamamoto genryu and rangiku? i rented him in activity then got him from soul cultivation but i cant modify him? can anyone help? Server EU S1 name hollowichigo6969

thomaslon Publish time 2017-9-13 08:33:58

You didnt meet the lvl requirements or you dont have enough modify fragments or you dont have enough basic/advanced gikongan..its all written there...

X-Zero13 Publish time 2017-9-13 11:52:54

if thomaslon's post didn't help, give a screenshot

hollowichigo6969 Publish time 2017-9-13 13:28:35

Edited by hollowichigo6969 at 2017-9-13 13:40

Its when i go to the cultivating dojo to attack it says cannot challenge when i click attack.

ziutis86 Publish time 2017-9-13 14:35:13

Edited by ziutis86 at 2017-9-13 21:37

I believe you tried to attack him 3 times and you failed so right now you don't have challenge chances.

thomaslon Publish time 2017-9-13 14:46:43

ziutis86 replied at 2017-9-13 19:35 static/image/common/back.gif
I believe you tried to attack him 3 times and you failed so right now you don't have challenge chanc ...

Or he used up his 5 chances for one-click cultivate per day on other partners and then tried to do Yama/Rangiku (7 chances for shinigami agent user)

hollowichigo6969 Publish time 2017-9-13 17:24:03

thats just it i cant one click cultivate if it wont attack stage one at all

X-Zero13 Publish time 2017-9-14 11:22:30

you know you can only work in 5 cultivation dojos per day? If you got fragments for 5 partners at one day (doesn't matter if manually or via one-click), you can't get any more fragments for another partner that day. So u have to make up your mind, for which 5 partners you want to farm fragments each day.

And ofc, one-click only works if you already managed to clear at least one stage manually before. But I suppose u know that already.

hollowichigo6969 Publish time 2017-9-14 18:15:47

thanks i didnt know you could only do 5 dojos a day.
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