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[Record] World BP Ranking

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Greetings everyone !
I know some of you are waiting for the ranking thread to be made, but there it is !
Wanna enter ? Sure !

The requirement to enter are...
- Be in EU or US server (I don't accept the outsiders, like from Facebook).
- Have at least 9m 13m BP.

And you agree to expose...
- Your server.
- Your IG name.
- Your BP (extracted from the ranking in game).
- The increase (BP gained over the month).

The players with the BP over 9m are automatically added to the ranking and get updated every end of the month, so no need for the proofs ! If you wish to not show yourself in the ranking, just PM me with a picture showing your name and VIP as proof (example) and I'll erase your name from one/all ranking(s) and if you changed your mind you can re-enter at the end of the month, or at the beginning if not too late.

For the VIP0s, you must show a picture of your VIP with your name and BP, and of course indicate your server (no server, no update !) by PM or post in this thread. The requirements to enter are the same as above except the BP, minimum is 1.5m and you agree to expose the indicated infos... Oh and please, tilt me when you are not VIP0 anymore so I exclude you from the ranking.

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You can bookmark this thread or hit the "Favorite" button below the post, whichever you prefer, I sometime do some minor updates in the rankings without alerting the thread.
Am I missing someone ? Please let me know !

For who can't enter, see the list for VIP1~7 with 5m BP minimum : http://forums.gogames.me/thread-102922-1-1.html

New BP Ranking is back up, but will ask you to give us the following information to join, would be easier if you can join discord @ https://discord.gg/9WKMVvu

Please provide the information in the following format to add yourself into BP ranking. Only update once a month.

In-Game Name: GHOST
Region: US/EU
Server Number: 169
Platform: GoGames
Realm#: 1001 (Can see at the bottom of your CSB Pyramid)
Zanpakuto: Zangetsu
Character Rank: Mugetsu
CSB Rank: 1
Arena Rank: 1
Battle Power: 6,090,609
Please attach a screenshot with your name and Battle Power with it.

Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jK2LA9rrSf75gzJTym6GRTRkDjZrccuTx2Wa7oAJBHE/edit?usp=sharing

vikramprabhu240@gmail.com Publish time 2017-10-31 21:32:14

Nice UI dude .... u a developer?(Not for the game ofc :D)

Devvoke2 Publish time 2017-10-31 21:48:16

jfcorey Publish time 2017-11-1 02:39:57

idk if you are french or not dude but i love your pseudo ^^

BenjaminWalter Publish time 2017-11-1 04:47:06

Thank you :)

trojandrew Publish time 2017-11-1 06:32:16

Btw was that you yesterday asking if Yano was my alt?

jfcorey Publish time 2017-11-1 07:05:01

there is no vip0 ranking in your google link

trojandrew Publish time 2017-11-1 07:43:13

jfcorey replied at 2017-11-1 07:05 static/image/common/back.gif
there is no vip0 ranking in your google link

Gotta scroll to the right

jfcorey Publish time 2017-11-1 09:21:56

trojandrew replied at 2017-11-1 13:43 static/image/common/back.gif
Gotta scroll to the right

ah ok thank you

jd276@bellsouth.net Publish time 2017-11-1 19:52:07

What do you even have left after 20 mil BP... I feel like that's max exclusive for everyone, max hollow souls, full +12, best mod souls and just everything....
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