firebrandz7 Publish time 2017-11-9 07:49:26

Shutara's shop bug

Hi, as first, sorry for my bad english.
In the shutara's shop there is a bug where when i get the hours of work i get only asauchi and bond skill fragment only.  are weeks that i noticed it ,  30 exclusive skills fragmant for all the days i missed up the rewards are a lots .. what can i do for fix it or take it back? I play in server 205 and 534 from their starts.. happen in both server

rambo1998123 Publish time 2017-11-9 08:16:43

You only get 1 of the extra rewards daily, so you will get either mod frags, exclusive frags or bond frags + the assauchi, so you don't get all of the frags daily just 1.
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