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Author: xb7gyahoo

Getting Blood War Grimmjow vs. Sternritter Uyru? [Copy URL]

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Post time 2019-8-6 11:30:39 |Show all posts
baldy01 replied at 2019-8-6 08:01
I would go for Stern + bene its far superior than any other assaulter imo wit dat 65% atk shaita
oh ...

Wow very good points, and nice username.

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Post time 2019-8-6 11:58:09 |Show all posts
gayjow is nice but i wait for Ul queer to come and wait for xmas event getting tired of muken time for replacement

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Post time 2019-8-6 22:29:58 |Show all posts
Sylencer90 replied at 2019-8-6 02:37
Damn selling out right here. Saitama is that you?

I gave you valid reasons for a choice.

Grimmjow is not better in every situation. They don't make partners like that anymore.

Benihime + immune rate when attacked on Uryuu can be very difficult to overcome if you do not have DoTs. It could even possibly stop Muken from damaging with his broken-ass atk mod.

That doesn't make any of the three assaulters invincible. They all have their own weaknesses.

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Post time 2019-8-8 05:27:43 |Show all posts
It depends honestly, there is not a earth shattering difference between the 2 and are about the same. if you have stern already the benefits of spending 40-60K gold for grim is next to non existent at best. But if you have neither there are some benefits to picking up stern and some benefits in going for grim as mentioned above by mages stun and void immunity is nice but things such as shield and ichimonji support uryu to bypass that issue exists and benihime which works great for uryu and uryu also supports muken aizen if you want to go for the combo of burst damage + snowball damage.

the easiest way to decide on what you need are the following imo.
1:If stun and Void are an issue and you personally do not have any other way to bypass it.

2:the enemy assaulters are just to bulky for you and you need a sure fire way to hurt them(this is not the most reliable thing since it varries upon your comp).

3:you are at a stage where you can get grims ex skill right away or endure having assaulter damage only(this is an early to mid game disadvantage where some supports can kill you and assaulter like ginjo have more room to build up def) and i will mention ex frags are not the easiest thing to get for alot of people specially if its the really early game.

4:if Block is really a major issue to you in PVP.

If you fit atleast 3/4 of these criteria than grim can be worth it but do remember this is judging grimjow on his own any ally supports and zanpaktou effects can lead to different uses and utility and even then uryu will service just as better but if you are just starting out on a new server my vote lies with uryu personally due to the availability of resources and so on.

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Post time 2019-8-9 23:39:05 |Show all posts
SolKnight replied at 2019-8-8 05:27
It depends honestly, there is not a earth shattering difference between the 2 and are about the same ...

Wow, that was thoughtful. Thanks for sharing.

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UBP prophet

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Post time 2019-8-11 16:50:19 |Show all posts
breaking news nobody

all you haters out there saying the game is dead and needs content and that im bald and wear wigs take a look at the undeniable proof that you dont know what you are talking about

you fools thought that Stern was just as good as Gayjow and that no one would top up to get him for a measly $500

just take a look at this and remember the next time you try to go against my vastly superior knowledge

gg nerds
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Post time 2019-8-11 23:59:35 |Show all posts
anyone actually bought him yet?

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Post time 2019-8-12 02:58:57 |Show all posts
jokergang replied at 2019-8-11 21:59
anyone actually bought him yet?

I did

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Post time 2019-8-12 05:55:08 |Show all posts
DeEmEn replied at 2019-8-12 02:58
I did

so you are telling me, you spent 1000 $ for a character? Hmmmmm interesting

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Post time 2019-8-12 05:56:28 |Show all posts
it looks more like they gave you grimmy puppet for free since you are a mod

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