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Novice Guide-Game Background [Copy URL]

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In a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the mysterious "Abyssal fleet," the only hope to counter this threat are a group of girls who possess the spirit of Japanese imperial world war II naval warships. These fleet girls have legendary power but they are lacking in experience and leadership. In the ongoing struggle, many of the fleet girls have been captured by these abyssal monsters! In this epic war for fate of the world only the greatest admiral can overcome the odds, rescue the fleet girls and save the world from the evil Abyssal fleet! Are you ready to take accept this honor,become an admiral and lead the girls into the greatest war the world has ever known?

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well why only girls got the power?

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Well I'd guess since at least where I am from ships are normally seen and refered to as female that might be a reason they choose to have girl characters. Of course it could also be because anime and manga likes to have fanservice and authors are often male so having lots of girls makes that easier. I can't evaluate the likelihood of that though since I ve not yet seen Kantai Collection.

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Iprasa replied at 2016-1-29 00:25
Well I'd guess since at least where I am from ships are normally seen and refered to as female that  ...

Girls=boobs=horny gamers=money.

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Yea thats kind of what I meant with fanservice but as far as I d guess it started as a manga or anime so I don't buy horny gamers as the target audience. Maybe horny otakus I could give you.

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well there are games that's similar to Kancolle but they have boys instead of girls. You can check it here: www,dmm,com/netgame/ (sorry, they don't allow posting url so if you wanna go to the link, just replace the commas with dots). It's a Japan webpage so the games are all in Japanese (no surprise). Oh and Kancolle is also one of the games in there (but with Japanese language and it has started a long time so you guys can play it while waiting for the Kancolle (English ver)'beta test

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somehow... this version is not as many ship as Japanese

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