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Title: One Quest, i want to ask everyone [Print this page]

author: Odinshield    time: 2019-1-2 11:00:06     Title: One Quest, i want to ask everyone

I want to know, "anyone play bleach online, and be a girl in real world
, and still play .
my server , all are a man and a boy
author: SolKnight    time: 2019-1-2 11:32:54

So you are looking for a Girl on the internet that plays games.
and also hope that this so called gamergirl plays BO.
On top of that you want her to play on your server.
On top of on top of that you hope its a real girl and not a trap.
On top of top of top of that if it is a real girl you hope she does not have male organs.

GTFO. you be trippin boi.
author: Odinshield    time: 2019-1-2 11:40:19

i know two girl in my server, but they are quit , they may busy in real world, but thank your comment, i not need , but i want to know a girl like bleach online.
author: Aratron    time: 2019-1-2 12:05:26

show bob and vegana!
author: OdinSword    time: 2019-1-2 12:24:52

if u need, u must go, +18, good for u, aratron
author: Incognit0    time: 2019-1-2 15:32:51

On my server it's only us girls
author: Lucky__Black    time: 2019-1-2 15:38:22

Im a gay guy if that counts? lol
author: Lucky__Black    time: 2019-1-2 15:39:26

lol at SolKnight                              

author: demonilyas    time: 2019-1-2 18:01:25

oooof this boy trippin
author: OdinSword    time: 2019-1-3 08:01:13

thank you ,all comment
author: Incognit0    time: 2019-1-3 12:18:09

youre whalecum bruv
author: sto1996    time: 2019-1-4 02:35:22

well I'm a woman, but my in-game avatar is male.

author: Odinshield    time: 2019-1-4 11:32:11

author: pablosays    time: 2019-10-12 13:00:13

sto1996 replied at 2019-1-4 11:35
well I'm a woman, but my in-game avatar is male.

Trappp 100%%

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