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Hello, I'm new to this game, I'm at 65k BP at level 51, VIP 0. People in my server say that a VIP 0 player with lvl 51 should atleast be having 90k BP with a 5th partner. Can anybody help me with the formation, build and other stuff please? Thank you!

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Edited by Alensin at 2019-4-21 16:55

In case you haven't already gotten a 5th partner, you need to upgrade your rank by attaining prestige from arena. Right now there are two ways to attain prestige. Winning one match in arena will give you 200 prestige, and claiming the arena chest will give you prestige based on how far you're up in arena. Make sure to use all of your 15 chances everyday to maximize prestige accumulation.
Another PvP tip, in the beginning, THE MOST EFFICIENT WAY TO FORTIFY IS TO MAX FORTIFY THE WEAPONS ON ALL OF YOUR PARTNERS, AND THEN MAX FORTIFY EVERYONE'S SHOES. After you do that, feel free to fortify whatever you want. As in PvP, the only two stats that matter is Attack, and Speed.

At level 51, my formation would like something like this, Yasutora Sado, Main, Renji, Nemu, and Shin Isshin. Since Karakura event is out right now, I highly recommend renting Shin Isshin over any other partner. Since is skill is extremely effective in both PvE and PvP. His combo rate and 250% growth is insane for PvE, and is great for PvP early game since his skill voids the assaulters. And the most popular formation type in early game is 1 support, 3 assaulters, and 1 vanguard. Assuming you haven't already spent your candies on something, once you've gained all 10 candies from Karakura, you can rent Shin Isshin twice, allowing you to have him for 2 weeks instead of 1. You can replace Nemu with Orihimie only if you have spare silver after getting tavern Renji, as silver is of the essence early game.

Also. make sure to get exchange your Hueco Mundo Coins for Grimmjow Coupons from Hueco Mundo Attack. Do NOT go for SWP Renji as he is a waste of time. SWP Grimmjow will replace Isshin when his time runs out. At level 60ish, you formation should like Yasutora Sado, Main, Renji, SWP Grimmjow, Nemu. Absolutely don't spend your Huceo Mundo Coins on anything other than coupons.

Also, once you have reached the 7 day log in words, I seriously wouldn't recommend using 7 day Ichigo, unless you have nothing else to use. His skill is kind of bad, but his stats are nice for your level. However, I highly recommend you find a replacement as soon as possible for him.  Once you get him, do NOT open him from your backpack until the second week of your server, as there will be an event that will give you 300 coupons for obtaining gold partners. Skip that rule if you're not playing on a new server though.  

Another important thing. SPEND YOUR VITALITY. Accumulating thousands of it is extremely important at some point, but at your level you need to start leveling up quick. Do not let your vitality accumulate past your limit. When your vitality is below the threshold, it will regenerate by 6 vitality every hour. However, if it is up above the threshold, it will NOT regenerate. Essentially wasting vitality. So the best stage to spend your vitality on is Hakuteikin, which is found in the Soul Society Area. As it has the best vitality to exp ratio for your level I think. Could be wrong on that. Anyways, I'd recommend you spend about 2/3 of your current vitality, and then using the rest to move foward in quests.

In the activity "Modify Partner", try to complete 5 Cultivating Dojo's, 1 for each of your partners, as the exp gain is decent for your level. Once you have already completed 5 stages for 5 different characters, when the day resets, you may use one click cultivate, so you don't have to go through one and each of the stages again.  Essentially give you a free 72000 exp every single day. I'd recommend just modifying anyone that's on your team, however I wouldn't actually spend silver for gikogan to actually modify them. As it costs a little bit too much for right now, and they're not really worth modifying anywa

Attend Ryokas, Guild wars, and Evil spirits every day. The two most important being Ryokas, and Evil Spirits. Even if you're doing next to no damage in these events, it doesn't matter as these two events serve as the source of most your exp gain, and will continue to be for the rest of the game.  So make sure to attend them for the full 30 minutes every day.

As for beauty games, personally I'd go for the beauty game that gives souls. For the reason being so you can get to the skill Conflagration quicker, or the pvp skill that reduces healing received, as I believe it's the best overall pvp skill for your level. It hits hard, and I believe it would cause more damage to the vanguard than Scorching Power because it completely nullfies healing, basically dealing damage equal to the skills damage + the amount the enemy supporter healed, and essentially wasting a turn for the enemy's supporters. Once you get Conflagration, just do the 2nd beauty game, or the 5th one if you're looking for a challenge.

And as for spirit stones, let me go over what each one does.
Strength Stones increase physical attack, and also increases physical defense.
Wisdom stone raises kido attack, and kido defense.
Block stones increases the chances of blocking an attack.
Counter stones reduces the chances of being dealt a critical hit.
Critical hit stones increasese the chances of dealing a critical hit.
Dodging increases the chances of evading a blow.
Hit stones increases the chances dealing a successful attack.
Break defense stones increases the chances of dealing an attack that won't be blocked.
Agility stones increases speed. Speed determines who goes first in a battle.
Stamina stones increase hp.

For assaulter, give them strength, critical, hit, break defense, and agility stones. You can put stamina stones into your assaulter if you really want to, but I'd just synthesize them and put them into your vanguard.

For Vanguard, put stamina, strength, hit, and counter stones. Putting wisdom stones to increase your vanguard's wisdom defense is a thing, but for now, I'd just synthesize all of your wisdom spirit stones, and put them into your supports. You can also put dodge into your vanguard for now, but keep in mind dodge is mostly a useless stat at the later stages. So don't bother wasting spirit stones by putting them in the vanguard, as hit stones simply give a higher % than dodge stones give. The early levels though, dodge isn't such a bad stat.  I wouldn't put agility stones into your vanguard right now, and instead synthesize them for your assaulter and support line.

For supports, put wisdom, hit, agility, critical, and break defense stones.

To get spirit stones, simply buy them from the "Shop" icon. You can choose to spend them now, or wait for an event called "Visored Revenge", which gives you coupons for simply spending coupons.

Another very important thing. There is an event called "Reio Guardians", where you have a chance to obtain aquaria gear for free. To get this set, you must win at rock, paper, scissors, and obtain 5 tokens on Ichibe by around the 5th day. Take this event very seriously, as this is one of the most reliable places to get free Aquaria gear for free. Also, note. The rock, paper, scissors in this event is VERY different than the rock, paper, scissors in the tavern. The patterns are way different. The AI in Reio Guardians will tend to pick the option they haven't picked. For example, if the AI picked rock, they're mostly likely going to pick, either paper, or scissors next time. As for the Tavern AI, I think it's just completely random.
Another event tip. In the event "Witches Hut", exchange your points for the Red Reishi chests. As you're going to be using Tavern Partners for most of early game, and Red Reishi chests give you Red Reishi. This Red Reishi basically doubles the stats of tavern partners. Doubling both their stats and growth rates.
Also do not upgrade Aquaria past Fire Lord until you have unlocked all the sockets in the set have been opened. You can open them by getting universal socket stones from events like Karakura, and Witches Hut

For example, this is Ikkaku non-upgraded. After I upgrade him with Red Reishi, his Strength Growth rate will be 6, and his base strength will be 240 instead of 120. His rarity will also change from Golden to Red. Same goes for his other stats. You will also be able to upgrade any other golden Tavern Partner to Red.

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Edited by Alensin at 2019-4-21 20:25

Speaking of tavern, Rukia or Momo may serve as a replacement for Orihimie in PvP since at some point, healing will be completely useless in PvP as most people will be using the skill that reduces healing received. Therefore, it's better to replace Orihimie with offensive supports such as Rukia or Momo. Rukia is amazing in PvE early game she will make your assaulters skill every other turn. Momo, I'd say is better in PvP, as she can stun assaulters, which can be game changing. It's up to you which one you want to use for PvP, but one of them should replace your healer permanently.

Once you get to level 70 tavern, I'd say either recruit Harribel, Yoruichi, or Sajin first.

At level 80, I'd first recruit Ikkaku, and then Kisuke. Maybe Shunsui if you plan to put some resources on him, like bonds, and exclusives.

At level 90, you can get Kenpachi if you want some more PvE damage, though I don't think I'd get him. The level 90 tavern is kinda eh. I'd save your golden reishi for the level 100 and 110 tavern.

At level 100 tavern, Soi Fon is just no. Stark can be good, but I would't recommend it as he requires a ton of resources to be viable. Instead I'd recommend you either get a vanguard from UBP, or recruit Hollow Ichigo at level 110 Tavern. Gin is also a viable partner to get.

At level 110 tavern, Recruit Ichigo if you haven't already gotten a good vanguard from UBP. And then if you want to you can get Aizen. As he's just a better version of Yoruichi. I wouldn't get Uryu, I think he's too costly for what he does.

Any other partners I didn't mention are not worth it worth the Reishi.

Also, don't spend too many of your exclusive, or bond fragments on tavern partners. You're gonna wanna put them into the partners you get at UBP.

At level 65 is where you where you wanna start saving vitality. When you're saving, do the beauty game that gives vitality. And don't do any stages, nor trials, or at least don't do them very often. Basically, the way ubp works is that, when you do stages you get crystals. Once you get enough crystals, you can exchange them for a partner that UBP gives. 99% of UBP's cost 40,000 crystals. As a general guideline, on average you get 3.7 crystals per stage. This value is highly accurate as I've recorded exactly how much vitality I used, and how many crystals I got in return. "I used 6323 vitality and I got 23515 crystals. If we divide 23515 by 6323 we get an average of 3.71896252 crystals per vitality used." Or simply 3.7 crystals if we rounded. Anyways, 3.7 is extremely accurate. So how much vitality do you need to need to get a UBP partner? Well, most cost 40,000 crystals, so if we divide 40,000 by 3.7, we get 10811. 10811 being how much vitality you need. However, there have been recorded cases of people spending 11,000 vitality, and only getting 39,000 something crystals.

Also, about Daily Sign in points, use all of your points on soul talismans, as they contain spirit stones.
Another random thing, Avoid Injury rate is the same thing as immune rate, despite it sounding like some immunity to debuffs. So a 10% avoid injury debuff, would essentially be the same as a 10% defense reduction.

If you have another other questions, feel free to ask me.
Shiet, I missed 20 minutes of evil spirits writing this lol

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