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Title: Bambietta [Print this page]

author: KuroKimiko    time: 7 Day Before     Title: Bambietta

So my question is that she is worth to get it? Like her stats looks really weak to for an sss?!

author: Bindus    time: 7 Day Before

Dont get her if u dont have already a good team. The majority of the players who have already a better team, got her in order to get the benefits from karakura town line ups, in the section of seireitei farewell. so it's more a partner to get for collection purpose, than a actually good one to be used for.
author: kenryo    time: 6 Day Before

IF you got got Bazz B, she can help you for increasing his speed. Other than that I agree it's for collection and for karakura town line up.

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