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CoM 1 + 3 - Inferno Mode [Copy URL]

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Edited by Evild4nte at 2016-6-16 17:12

COM 1 - Inferno Guide (incomplete)

Stage 3

Easy one

Buff: Avoid Increase PDef, HP or Speed Buff

Prot needs to be faster than 400k and can just oneshot all.
Rest of the formation doesnt matter, just need 3 assaulter, 1 supporter.

Stage 6
Buff: Block increase and Dmg Decrease Buffs are quite nice. PDEf Increase will make it impossible.

A bit more annoying, coz u need some tries.

Hiki as 0DPS needs 421k+ Speed or more and will defury their team. Remove her Break Def, Dmg and toughness.
Prot with skill 9 at around 200k speed, to be faster than the vg and slower than SenFui.
Vg needs to be really tanky.
2nd assaulter is only to fill the slot.

This one needed some tries coz my vg is not so good.

Stage 9
A bit annoying too, coz u need a certain buff. With this buff and Retsu Unohana its quite easy.

Buff: PDef Decrease needed, otherwise Reinforcement Renji is not doing enough Dmg.
        Dmg-decrease Debuffs are not bad neither.

Main needs skill 8, otherwise Reinforcementrenji wont do enough dmg.
This leads to the problem, that your main will get one hit from the other vg.
So you need a healer, or a really tanky main.
You need again a tanky vg.
Hiki 450k+ speed, T1 and 0DPS, to defury.
Aizen T1 0DPS, to keep supporters at low fury, since Reinforcement Renji needs a bit.
Retsu T1, high matk.

Stage 12 (bugged)

Somehow it doesn´t work since some translation maybe wrong, also i have tried nearly every possibility, which could be misstranslated by a little translation error.

Buff: Decrese MDef needed, additional decrease speed would be perfect.
When no speed, u need to increase ur Reinforcements speed, coz all opponents are immune to defury.
Kirinji as 0DPS with 480k+ speed and T1, Katen as Zanpakuto with MDef decrease buff will do it quite easy
Your reinforcement Rukia needs to wipe all, otherwise u will get a autoloose deathskill of the supporter.
Rest of ur team is only for standing around and be male.

Maybe Oetsu´s 6th mod will work too.
A bit more luck is needed, when using any faster supporter, without t1, who just makes a middlehard hit, to the vg and triggers tensa then. Need some tries, till Rukia onehit all then.

But somehow .... its bugged.

CoM 3 - Inferno (incomplete)

Stage 3
Could clear it finally with this formation.

SYuri killed the vg (he needs to die as he sucks), Prot made dmg to vg.
Then both died.
Gin and Aizen no Wis but T1 are ccing the 3 supporter, so the reinforment ichigo can make his 50%.

Stage 6

Prot does 80% dmg.
1 female survive.
Only 2 survive.
Win in 2 rounds.
Reinforcement crew has less than 25% hp.

Problem 1: Enemy Team hits hard as hell.
Problem 2: Upper Assaulter has a full heal, so he needs to die initially.
Problem 3: Assaulter Yuri hits very hard to own supporters, they are barely able to survive with Kakaku mod.

My strat was to boost my Prot with 0DPs Cure Orihime, so he was able to kill the whole other team. ---> Error ... not enough Dmg to my Reinforcement.
So the problem is, when i kill all, my reinforcement gets no dmg. When the upper assaulter doesnt die, he heals all, so my prot has no 80% anymore, as he always got a onehit after this.
When other AssauterYuri doesnt die, she kills my support, or i have to use Kakaku, which means my Reinforcement gets even less dmg.
My reinforcement needs around 7 or 8 hits too loose enough hp, which is really hard in 2 rounds without loosing my supporter.

So i think a viable way could be:

Buffs needed: Atk increase + Dmg increase.
Prot attacks first (around 550 to 600k speed was enough) and kills at least 3 or 4 opponents. Upper and buttom assaulter needs to die or it wont work.
Then the rest needs 2-3 attacks, which needs to make 75% dmg to the reinforcement and could be possible with the buffs.
Not even sure if the reinforcement would count to the "only 2 survive" - requirement. Maybe its better, when he would die too.
Then own supporter could clear the rest. Need to be very slow to let the others attack first.

My problem was, that i didnt get the buffcombination so my reinforcement was never getting enough dmg.

Anyone has cleared it ?

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You are brave, Evil.

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Edited by Evild4nte at 2016-4-23 21:48

... moved to post 1 ...

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Evild4nte replied at 2016-4-21 13:25
COM 1 - Inferno

Stage 9 worked with pdef decrease only.





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Great job dude... thanks for info.
I'll try it some day.

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Lmao. Well, i'll wank over this tonight.   win win

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Why can't you watch porn like a normal person

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Anyone complete it yet? O.O

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dante, you are a mofo genius. gj !!

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Btw, CoM 3 Stage 6

Having an attack buff isn't going to help you. The enemy will still hit minimum damage because reinforcement Ichigo's defense is too high. All that makes a difference is having a damage rate buff. I don't know if it's possible to have double damage rate buffs, but if it is, this would the stage you would need it.

You forgot to mention that the vanguard increases defense after each round as a passive. If you don't kill him first round, he might not be killable later if you want to fulfill the requirements.

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