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Guide By level [Copy URL]

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anyone can give me any guide level by level ,
help guide iam lvl 70 now

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If you click on Kon on your bleach game, it will lead you to a forum post that gives you beginner tips all the way to level 110. However, most people are lazy, so I'll try to sum up that 5 page post.

Disclaimer: This is not telling you what you "should" do, but rather my opinion on what is the best way to progress through the game to a certain point. I'm in no way at fault at what you lose or any faults that happen following this guide as it is an opinion.

Anyways, the best thing to do until level 110 is to go strictly PvE and not waste any time on the PvP aspect. It's best to wait till end game to pour everything onto your PvP partners as partners can change. Also, don't bother with partner evolutions. Not worth to use your vit like that. Don't try and do trial tower either as Hogu's don't really do much, especially at low levels, at least not until you can grab t12 Hogu's.

Lv. 70: At this level, you will most likely die during Ryoka and E.S. before all 5 rounds, so a VG is needed. Spend all the silver you can to get Komamura as he will last until you reach Lv. 100 or 110. For your supporters, you should have Rukia for sure. Her fury per turn makes sure your Sups and AS skill every other turn. This increases PvE damage. As for your AS, Tavern Renji is the best AS at level 70. If you have enough Hueco Munda coins, buy SWP Renji as well for you PvE, otherwise grab Kensei at lv. 70 tavern, or Lisa if you lack silver. Your formation should look something like this:      
Rukia -
Tavern Renji - Main - (Lisa or Kensei)

Make sure to do your events daily and try to get slaves, or be a slave and interact to get that Exp. Save your silver and try to get everyone's fortifies to level 50 at most, and only make the Weapons and Boots level 70 if you have extra silver (Belt for VG). Save that silver for recruiting partners. If you happen to have say maybe 30 million silver lying around, get to level 35 Reiatsu and receive Zabimaru Zanpakuto for that amazing PvE damage boost. At level 65 you should have gotten Kazeshini, but he is more for PvP, so just switch to Zabimaru when doing PvE.

Lv. 80: For partners, replace Rukia with Kisuke, replace Lisa or Kensei for Ikkaku, and if you have the silver, I would replace Tavern Renji with Ukitake. Most people don't get Ukitake, but he skills 190% every round as he regains 100 fury, and you should have enough Wisdom stones to spare as 4 of your partners are Physical attackers (3 if your main is kido). Ukitake will help you in PvP as most people skip over PvE and try to win at PvP for ego reasons and they will grab Yoruichi to stun supporters. Ukitake skills makes supporters immune to being stunned, so that will counteract that. Your formation should look a little like this:

Kisuke - Ukitake
Ikkaku - Main - (If you don't want Ukitake keep Tav Renji, but 4 Phys attackers are hard to share stones.)

At this point, you should definitely try to get level 35 Reiatsu, or even higher for more PvE damage during events. Always use Zabimaru Zan when doing daily events. Also, at level 75 you should have unlocked Soul Cultivation. It may be tempting, but don't spend your silver there. Just do the free chances and you will eventually get there. I would recommend grabbing Ex. Frags or stones tho as Yama is strictly PvP and is only good in PvE events like void, which is at level 100. I wouldn't grab Cute Orihime either as she is a Kisuke, but only give AS fury. Her 50% block rate skill isn't that good either as skills can't pass the block rate cap and you will be using a VG during events so your AS won't be needing the block. You also need to use Sogyo Zan with C.Ori which is for VIP and you need a whole new formation and Zan for her. So when you do complete Soul Cult, just grab the stones or Exclusive Fragments.

Lv. 90: Only partner you would grab is Zaraki Kenpachi and Unohana as a healer for Hollow Soul map, but even then the heal won't save you much. In fact, it lowers your damage in PvE as every turn is used to heal your team and not attacking. I would grab Kenpachi as he has an amazing skill for PvE. At this point, all your parnters should be able to last 5 rounds with PvE events and not die. So at this point, I would switch out Komamura with Kenpachi during events and using Koma in any PvP you wanna do (though it's not really needed. Most Zan will make Koma terrible as he is just a meat shield and not a damage dealer. He isn't even that tanky to be honest). Your formation should look a little like this:

Kisuke - Ukitake
Ikkaku - Kenpachi - Main

Just keep trying to save silver for more partners. At this point, you can make every equipment level 70 fortified, and Level 90 for Weapons, boots, and Belts. Your spare silver should be going into your Reiatsu. For f2p, you reiatsu is recommended to be half your current level as you don't get much silver F2p. You can also use your silver to Red name your past partners, but I would only recommend you do that to only Kisuke, Ikkaku, and Ukitake.

Lv. 100: At this point, you can sort of focus on PvP, but only if you have a good Zanpakuto for everyone. If you happened to save Vit for UBP and got a nice Zanpakuto that is VG friendly, then I would definitely grab Starrk. Replace Kenpachi for Stark and you can switch them out according to when you are in PvE or PvP formation. Starrk for PvP, Kenny for PvE. Formation should look like this:

Kisuke - Ukitake                     or in PvP       Kisuke - Ukitake
Ikkaku - Kenpachi - Main                             Ikkaku - Main  

If you happened to super stack your VG, Starrk in this case, then I would recommend using your PvP formation as your PvE formation so that you only use one Zan all the time and you don't have to keep switching out. That way, you can spend all your Soul of Conquest to level up one Zan. You would then want VG friendly Zans, so either grab Ashisogi Jizo or Tengen M'yo. They both are VG friendly, but Ashisogi only boost VG and Sups, while Tengen only boosts VG and AS. As Kisuke doesn't do much damage, I would grab Tengen, but if you have really stacked Sups that are way better than your AS, grab Ashisogi Jizo.

Lv. 110: At this point, you can now focus on PvP if you want. PvE is still important, but you should have all the partners you need.
You can go back and grab any stunners you want or fury givers, as it is all up to you. I can't really help you beyond this point as it is now a super slow end game that revolves around the people in your cross-servers or the people that still stuck around in the server. All I can say is save vit for UBP and only grab Ex frags from Soul Cult after getting all the stones you could. Once you reach this level though, you should know what to do from Lv 110+ without asking for much halp

TL;DR there is no TL;DR read this if you want to know the basics of the game. If you want to be good at the game, I would read this, if you don't have the patience to read this, maybe this game isn't for you, because a lot goes into this game.
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Edited by ramsay09111 at 2017-7-27 15:40

wonderfull guide bro... 1 question... you know how much silver does it take from 0 to 1000 reishi in tavern? dont say "depends on luck" give an aproximated value please
also don't you think we should have some pvp partners for some events? like cross batle and stuff?

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jimmycricketwin5298 replied at 2017-6-21 14:47
If you click on Kon on your bleach game, it will lead you to a forum post that gives you beginner ti ...

so nice...

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