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Author: Zera

Multiple Account Abuse  off [Copy URL]

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Post time 2019-9-1 08:22:02 |Show all posts
mlkjh1 replied at 2019-9-1 07:58
how to kill all spirits if others is online? ur logic dead, that tip from svr 05 alt, pls keep cryi ...

I probably phrased it wrong, I mean the baguette guy who open CSB because it lacks of player, not you, their story and here are almost 100% identical.

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Post time 2019-9-1 11:25:10 |Show all posts
This debate is getting interesting, let me get the popcorn

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Post time 2019-9-2 10:21:09 |Show all posts
Edited by Zera at 2019-9-2 15:22

weird name guy, for your information Xtre isn't an alt, he left the game few days after you got those 3 Tsukishima, like many others. I only have 1 alt and I don't even use it much.
I also don't care about ToT so far only joined 2 or 3 tournaments, I focus on team performance not BP it is fine with me.
An let me explain the logic then about your ES:
Countdown: 3,2,1..
>Congratulations, Sakaue for killing Arrancar ES.
>Congratulations, Senna for killing Shinigami ES.
>Congratulations, 1st for killing Quincy ES.
Countdown to city: 3,2,1.. City
(This is my face - Not even managed to do 1 single step forward towards self ES and you killed them all like a Thanos fingersnap, there must be a damn record on database like under 1 sec for this……)
If I was vip0 I would probably leave the game, but based on the time and money as well as dedication to it (including me being a bleach fan) that ain't happening.
Lets see where this leads us. If we can use alts like this then I might just revive legends like Wis Hatake, to the point the game becomes a "who has more alts win"(vip ones).

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Post time 2019-9-2 12:19:10 |Show all posts
Edited by mlkjh1 at 2019-9-2 12:52

what kind team performance who only full stack on muken and depend on noble isane buff for VR lol stil trying hard burn stones for blodwar crystal, about ES blame me for merge? ask deemen who merge us

saka already ask about it ... hlight=merge&page=1

wis hatake from s28 and s30 from 30 they both got merge first only my server 24, that time doesnt get merge cos alot ppl playing it zed, morgaine, akai sora, yashiro michi, haseki kaito all of them is gold spammer and my guild active ppl around 10+ until i take same hiatus around 2015 then my guild disappear one by one, wis hatake only the first one for finishing hollow map until s30 came and fked him at csb with his gold

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Post time 2019-9-4 16:18:14 |Show all posts
Edited by Zera at 2019-9-4 21:23

That isn't try Harding, it is personal choice same goes for topups, try harding is your partners with 1 speed diference (your free to do as you please on this matter).
I don't care about merges, don't change subject.
We talking about your alts and wpe.
So you claimed they wheren't alts.
I don't see how 1 person can press those buttons on different tabs/browsers,
nor how 2 or 3 person can syncronize their asses to pull this shit timming everyday,
but I already knew the answer and that is why this thread is here.

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Post time 2019-9-4 21:53:33 |Show all posts
Zera replied at 2019-9-4 16:18
That isn't try Harding, it is personal choice same goes for topups, try harding is your partners wit ...

more excuse pls when u can't compete just crying

if i can wpe why i not go dupe?  u can't open nolimit id from one browser? do u even know mozilla container? or chrome add person function is? should i make video too how to do that? lmao

i guess this is ur first online games

im not change subject btw u crying bcos u come into s24 oh btw let me use ur cheater quote

just remember how i rekt u both at VR before muken out, only s30 and Alva that can have high damage ketsueki(which is yours) and Alyssa both of u get 6-7th rank struggle, then u come visit to my server to spy how to do those high damage at VR what u can do only cry and copypaste, wellplayed

pls stack ur muken more just burn all of ur stones u might win who knows, my suggest for u ask ur cheater friend to inject wpe for u that's my best solution for ur situation

oh does that guy alt(1st vip4), (saka vip7 only topup first 2week server open) too strong for u? the difference playing use brain and crying skill

ur goal only for beating me that's why u always fall behind u proud with ur noza block back then now proud of ur muken and after that nothing just crying

attachment: You have to Login to download or view attachment(s). No Account?

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Post time 2019-9-5 10:44:47 |Show all posts
Edited by Zera at 2019-9-5 18:16

Your the one whining XD
I don't even read half the excuses you say. Since when you had the illusion you win anything? Your victories are by numbers. Your gameplay is mostly broken.
If you knew how to play, you would counter teams like normal people do, everything is counterable, there is room for it.
Look what a good vng does to you.
but you need 3 accounts for it right? (even so.. failing.. hard..)
Sometimes I just ditch my 15 chances on you with no counter in mind because I have like 4years+ of prestige even if pos 8+ in arena
(Maybe you get happy with fake victories, since you have multiple tries one those accounts)

But hey I liked this the most: When you tried to get Arena Chest at last second.

It was funny.

You should thank me for having better rank in VR when I was at 6th/7th place I could be above you but wasn't using Senbonsakura for extra defense like you were.
Your still taking advantage out of Void Realm with 3 accounts, managing to grab key chests and final kills. (Either for your accounts or for no1 else logic )
I have no idea if you dupe or not, you did manage to get Tsukishima fast enough (not like I can check that) I consider that legit stack.
I am certain of the wpe (obviously your laying low on it now).

There is no copypaste the subject remains, abuser of wpe and alts to achieve your goals. Keep up the whine (thumbsup)

PS. Arena is mostly outdated and bp might not be acurate for winning odds.
Edit: (every new post makes mlkjh1 spam smilies and a bunch of text ~almost feels like the bots registering to the forum)

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Post time 2019-9-5 11:45:59 |Show all posts
gameplay broken?? what kind of broken when ppl try copy me? even a guy from 2005 Realboss trying to do the same thing to copy vs Alyssa, and then u try copy too ahahahha im enjoying it

oh gosh that was daily quest for arena i never clear all chances my arena daily like i said before, daily quest and play other game while u still watching and envy my acc
what... hahaha i saw green char that time when muken still not out yet keep delusion then u try do the same thing with modification lol
u just luck i didnt take noble isane when UBP comes i thought they not downgrade the immune rate

tsukishima fast? wow ofc after i got muken i keep my stones tell deemen to check how legit i am keep crying okay i like this
later u will talk how do u get alot stones and hogu even vit at SA while can mantain evolution, u really know nothing about games even other ppl know how to do it i guess ur the only one who don't know

told you already my goal was winning against cheater that was my biggest happiness, sometimes i feel bad to wahoe who keep waste money against gold hack

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