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Bleach Online – Ultimate BP Event    off [Copy URL]

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Dear Bleach fans:

    UltimateBP Event is coming! Massive rewards, mighty partners and brand new Zanpakutosare waiting for you! Join us now!

Event name: 10% top-up rebates

Event time: 8/18/2014 0:00-8/22/2014 23:59

Event site: All servers

Event detail: Top up in the event to win10% bonus!

Event rules:

1. During the event, top up to get 10% goldbonus. The more you top up, the more bonus you will get;

2. Bonus gold doesn’t count in VIPcumulative top-up;

3. This event doesn’t overlap with newserver first-time top up event, which means you can obtain bonus for bothevents if you meet the requirement.

Example: A player made his/her first-timetop up for 1000 gold, then the total amount of the gold he/she will receive is1200, which includes a 10% bonus (100 gold) of first-time top up and 10% bonus(100 gold) of the event reward.

Event name: Ultimate Battle Power

Event time: 8/18/2014 0:00-8/27/2014 23:59

Event site: All servers

Event detail:

1. After event starts, clear stages can randomly get different amount of Ice Crystal Pieces. Use it to redeem gift pack and partners.

2. Gift packs are cycle rewards, redeem partners and claim gift pack does not consume Ice Crystal Pieces, there will be a suprising gift pack on the fifth day after event starts(Ice Crystal Pieces are in the gift pack).

3.Collecting enough Ice Crystal Pieces to join rank, can obtain  rank gift pack.

Event rules:

1. The rewards from “Ultimate Battle Power”shall be claimed within the event, the Ice Crystal Pieces a player collectedwill be wiped out after the event was ended.

2. Claiming gift packs or redeemingpartners will not consume Ice Crystal Pieces.

1. Ranking rewards will be sent via mail.

2. The rank list will stop updating 5minutes before the event was ended.

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Post time 2014-8-17 23:02:12 |Show all posts

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Post time 2014-8-18 00:21:03 |Show all posts
Any tips on what the surprise the event is talking about after 5 days??

Kudos BTW for hosting a good event instead of the past boring ones

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Post time 2014-8-18 00:31:59 |Show all posts

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Hello... I'd like to prove mathematically that Dark Rukia is impossible to win.

Daily, this is the vitality we can earn and use:

- 144 naturally (3 for each half hour of real time);
- 50 from beauty game (assuming 5 perfect runs);
- 16.67 from beauty game's bonus chances (50 every 3 days);
- 48 from Aoi (lv6 girlfriend, maximum obtainable currently if you are in server 1 and paid the huge, wasteful gold price for manor/gose upgrades)
- 360 from gold buying (only if you're VIP10 and buy vitality TWELVE times, totaling a daily spend of 840 GOLD)
- 40 from using soul cafe 2x/day.

You can also get a bit of vitality here and there from random stuff like dice throwing. Let's be very generous here and suppose you get to the 2000 gold reward every day - you might get about 31.3 vitality on average. So, we have:

680 maximum vitality we can spend per day. In ten days, that makes 6800. Let's say you had the foresight to stock up on vitality on the day before the event... at most, you could have 360 vitality stocked. So, you can spend 7160 vitality during the whole event.

Using all this vitality on single-vitality-consuming fights (that means 10 days of NO trial tower and NO bossfighting!), you will get, at my level (lv72), a rough average of 3.2 ice crystals per vitality spent (20% chance of getting no ice crystals, 80% chance of getting 3/4/5 ice crystals, with an even chance of each result - rough results of my testing).

Let's, again, be VERY generous, and assume that this reward grows with levels (I'm not sure this happens, but let's assume it, just for the sake of argument): say you get, on average, 4 crystals per vitality spent, at most.

This means that, at the end of the event, we will have, at most, 4*7160 = 28640 ice crystals - far from the 37000 required for Dark Rukia.

Let me stress again that this is a BEST OF THE BEST possible situation, at great daily expense, and will very probably NOT happen to anyone, in any server. As such, unless we get new sources of ice crystals or vitality, this event is a pointless run for a carrot on the end of an unreachable stick.

Until you enlighten us on how to make the event "winnable", I will not invest a single dime more in this game.

Best regards!

- Blaze Akari
US server #23

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Post time 2014-8-18 01:14:09 |Show all posts
BTW, i just calculated. Is it even possible to hit 4112 crystals a day to attain Rukia on the 9th day? O_O
Even if I spam the daily vitality purchase daily, it seems impossible

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Post time 2014-8-18 01:25:07 |Show all posts
Edited by at 2014-8-18 00:26

All that excitement for nothing.. sigh... just when I thought it was going good with events, its basically spamming non sense to obtain nothing in the end..
A solution to this is make the event at least 15 days.. But i highly doubt they will be able to lol

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Post time 2014-8-18 03:09:12 |Show all posts
very disappointing

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Post time 2014-8-18 04:26:13 |Show all posts
PowerPras replied at 2014-8-18 02:09
very disappointing

Dark Rukia is 26k crystals on Chinese server...just sayin...which still makes it near nigh impossible.
S11 (S10,11,12,13)
Level 114
1,055,000 BP 11/25/14

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Post time 2014-8-18 04:27:20 |Show all posts replied at 2014-8-18 03:26
Dark Rukia is 26k crystals on Chinese server...just sayin...which still makes it near nigh impossi ...

"Almost impossible" sure is a lot better than "totally impossible"

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