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[Guide] 19 tips you should know @ Bleach online   [Copy URL]

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Ghost Blade is the best character to start with. As their 10th skill can 1 hit opponent supporter in pvp (with similar battle power).
Kido is the easiest character in earlier stage. As they do strategy dmg (pve/pvp enemy vanguard has a higher physical def, lower strategy def)
Soul Blade is not recommended. As most of the partners recruit from tavern are either manic blade (ghost blade type) or kido. Soul Blade couldnt share his/her equip with them (different weapon).

The best way to spend your coupon, is to use them in spirit stone shop.
As spirit stones will not depreciate their value over time.

Save all your skill scroll and lv up 8th/9th (pve) and 10th skill (pvp).
8th for cash players, who will buy Sogyo no Kotowari and Dark Rukia (both available in later cash shop).
9th for free to play users, who use Zabimaru.

Optional: In early stage, you can sell your skill scrolls (worth a lot of silver), which will more helpful in the beginning.

Save all your Reiatsu Refining Pill. Reiatsu level multiple of 11 has much higher chance to trigger Major critical hit (directly upgrade 1 level).
For example, use the Refining Pill when leveling Reiatsu from lv 11 > 12, lv 22 > 23, lv 33 > 34 etcetera.

While fortifying your equipment, priority fortify your weapons (increase dmg), second your shoes (increase speed).

If you're a vip 6 and above, you're recommend to buy lv1 stone and synthesize them to high lv. Instead of bought them directly at lv4.
For example, if you need a lv9 spirit stone:
A lv1 stone cost 12 gold, you need 256 pcs to synthesize to a lv9 stone. 12 x 256 = 3072 gold
A lv4 stone cost 102 gold, you need 32 pcs to synthesize to a lv9 stone. 102 x 32 = 3264 gold
You save 192 gold (3264 - 3072) for synthesize them from lv1 stone.

For players below vip 6, it is recommend to refresh your webpage (to skip battle scene manually), while daily pve events (evil spirit and ryoka attack). This can save a lot of time, but you still need to wait 60 sec to respwan (same as vip6+).

lv50 purple set is not worth to spirit forge. Only use the lv50 spirit forge as your last resort.
lv70 gold (non spirit forge) has a much better attribute than lv50 gold (spirit forged), save your materials for them.
Besides, lv50 to lv70 just takes around one week.

While infuse spirit on your equipments.
One protection Stone (buy from gold) can last through all the same level equipments.
For example, if you bought a lv70 protection stone, the effect last for any lv70 equipments, regardless the part and rank (purple, gold, red etc).

Speed is the most important stat in pvp, and most of the pve.

Block is better than Dodge.
As you can pump your aim, through spirit stone and equipments.
Whereas you can only gain break def rate, through spirit stone.

While playing stone scissor paper at Tavern.
Sometimes, your opponent will be using the same, or the one will lose against by last turn.
For example, last turn your opponent use stone, high possibility next round will be either stone or scissor.

You're recomended to open gold ichigo from your backpack on the server's second week.
For second week cool event, you need to recruit two golden rank partners. Freegift gold ichigo can be counted as one.
However, you need to open the gold ichigo from your backpack to trigger the count.

For free to play user,
Kazeshini is your best pvp zanpakuto (unlock at lv65 main quest).
Zabimaru is your best pve zanpakuto (receive from achievement, when your reaitsu reach lv35 & 9th division captain)

You can transfer your old equipment enchance level to the new one.
This function is located at reinforce interface, inherit category.
However, this is not applicable for accesories.

Enemy from Evil spirit and Hyoka attack will not be affect by debuff (eg. decrease def, stun, decrease fury etc)
Before unlock 8th/9th skill, use your highest damage skill, instead of skill with debuff.

Spirit stone's recommedation:
Defensive Vanguard: STR, WIS, STA, Counter, Block, Dodge
Offensive Vanguard: STR, WIS, AGI, STA, Counter, Block, Hit, Break def, Critical rate
Assaulter (STR or WIS depend on the dmg type): STR/WIS, AGI, STA, Counter, Hit, Break def, Critical rate
Supporter: WIS, AGI, STA, Counter, Hit, Break def, Critical rate

Equip refine recommendation:
Vanguard: STR + WIS + Block rate or STR + WIS + hit rate
Assaulter: STR/WIS + hit rate + critical rate
Supporter: AGI + WIS + hit rate or AGI + hit rate + critical rate

You can reset your Hollow soul distribution by disband partners. In another word, when a hollow soul upgraded partner is disbanded, the hollow soul will return into points. Just recruit a random blue partners will do.

My other guides:
lv1 - lv110 Tavern's partners guide v1.1
18 tips for beginner
Event partners preview v1.1
PvE dailies - Maximize your damage
Tank immune set - Harden your tank
Zanpakuto 101: how to get, skill and bonus
Introduction of server clash

If you have any other doubt, feel free to ask.

If you're facing technical issue, such as black screen, game wont load, system settings, top up issues or any bugs.
Kindly post in Bug Report section, seek help from GM and PGM. I am unable to provide any helpful solutions for these issues.
Bug Report section link:

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Could you explain the difference between Ghost Blade, Soul Blade and Kido User? Don't they basically get the same skills just that Ghost Blade and Soul Blade have Physical ATK stat which alows them to oneshot supports easyer while Kido uses Strategy ATK which allows them more damage against Vanguard and Assault?
Also isn't not sharing weapon with most other Character an advantage, since you randomly get crafting material to creat weapons, so unless you have a Soul Blade all crafting materials for Soul Blade weapon are pretty much wasted? At the same time there is no need to really share gear with your main and another character since you need to have your main in your formation either way?
Another thing about the different classes is that Ghost Blade and Soul Blade need Strengh Stones, which are the same as most Assaulters and Vanguard, so you will need alot more of those, since most Stones you get for free are gotten randomly you would expect to get about the same of Wisdom and Strengh on avarage which will make it harder to spread equally strong Strengh Stones over all Assaulters + Vanguard guessing you go with a standart 1-2-2 setup or even 1-3-1. While Kido User uses Wisdom, the same as all supports, which function pretty well even without stacking a ton of Wisdom Stones and mostly need Agility to use their supportive skills early.

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Edited by azrial at 2014-7-17 06:00
lShirol replied at 2014-7-17 04:48
Could you explain the difference between Ghost Blade, Soul Blade and Kido User? Don't they basically ...

Yes, you're absolutely correct.
Skills for these 3 classes are the same, just the two are having physical dmg and kido has strategy dmg.

Epic equipment will be release in upcoming cash shop.
As a soul blade, you can't pass your old weapon to most of your partners after you switch to a better weapon.If you're a cash user, who will going to buy the epics, you need to spend additional gold to buy another weapon.
For example, if your main char (Soul blade) is using a lv80 epic weap and you're going to switch to lv90 epic. You can only left your lv80 epic in your backpack or throw away. Since, most of your partners cannot equip.

Even for free to play users, once your soul blade switch to a better weapon, old weapon's spirit forge and infuse spirit will be a waste.
Materials is very easy to get at higher lv, whereas spirit forge points (soul hunt) and spirit water is hard to gain.
For your information, a lv110 weap need around 1000 red points (soul hunt) to spirit forge.

There will be solo maps after lv72.
You only allow to use one of your chars. It is easier to get through using vanguard/supporter to solo in certain maps.
If you're a soul blade and your main character is using the strongest equip, you cant switch your equip with your vanguard/supporter.
Unlike, ghost blade and kido.

The most popular formation for late game is 1V-1A-3S, 1V-2A-2S due to zanpakuto
However, pve daily events (evil spirit and hyoka attack) best formation is 3A-2S. And yes, you will need more strength stone for this (all existing assaulter is strength class).

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Ok so I was right about most of it just didn't take epic equipment into consideration, thank you

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A detailed guide, it was very helpful. Thank you.

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which one is better? rangiku or gold ichigo? tobiume or wabisuke??

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Chaotic123 replied at 2014-7-17 10:10
which one is better? rangiku or gold ichigo? tobiume or wabisuke??

Rangiku and Tobiume are better.

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how exactly do we get zabimaru just lvl 35 reitsu?

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azrial replied at 2014-7-17 10:20
Rangiku and Tobiume are better.

need help alittle bit here , level 50 with level 35 reitsu not enough to get zabimaru

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zayya1 replied at 2014-7-17 11:16
need help alittle bit here , level 50 with level 35 reitsu not enough to get zabimaru

My bad, your rank also need to be 9th Division Captain.

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